Insured Services offers dealerships many fantastic products to better service your customers.  Giving you only the best to offer your customers with the most valuable, comprehensive products available in the industry.


Roadside Assistance By Insured Services

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance programs will help your customers get peace of mind when they travel. Our programs cover towing, battery boost, gas delivery, unlock vehicle doors, and tire change.

Trade-In Assurance By Insured Services

Trade-In Assurance

Customers can protect their investment, with up to $5,000, against negative equity when they are ready to purchase another vehicle at the issuing dealership.

Vehicle Replacement Guarantee By Insured Services

Vehicle Replacement Guarantee

In the event of theft, this replaces the stolen vehicle with like vehicle, at the time of loss.

GAP Insurance By Insured Services

GAP Insurance

Insured Services offers premiere GAP Insurance. GAP Protection pays the amount equal to the unpaid net balance less the actual cash value of the vehicle. Improve CSI as customers will receive a true value-added product with their purchase. Provides peace of mind to customers, as they know their investment is protected.

Paintless Dent Repair By Insured Services

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair programs are designed to offer permanent repair of dents and dings without harming the factory finish of the vehicle.

Windshield Replacement By Insured Services

Windshield Replacement

We offer many programs to either cover the repair of windshield chips and cracks, or the complete replacement of the windshield.

Vehicle Maintenance Programs By Insured Services

Vehicle Maintenance Programs

Save money and time by prearranging the vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Prearranged Vehicle Maintenance protects vehicles and enables owners to meet warranty requirements.

Vehicle Service Contracts By Insured Services

Vehicle Service Contract

Insured Services offers premiere Vehicle Contract Services. The biggest worry for customers buying used cars is the health and maintenance of the vehicle. Offering protection and financial security with a Vehicle Contract Services will not only comfort your customers, but they will be more adapt to purchasing a vehicle from you. Because customers are able to trade in their cars sooner, extended car warranties can mean more new sales for your dealership! By offering an affordable alternative to traditional loan payments, your sales team will have an edge in closing deals.

Appearance Protection By Insured Services

Appearance Protection

Protection for both the inside and outside of a vehicle – paint, fabric, carpet, vinyl and leather.

Key Replacement Coverage By Insured Services

Key Replacement Coverage

Vehicle Key Replacement coverage plans including options for 24/7/365 Vehicle Lock-Out Assistance, Towing Costs Associated With Coverage, Additional Key Replacement Coverage, and more.

Tire And Wheel Coverage By Insured Services

Tire & Wheel Coverage

We have programs designed for both franchised and independent dealers. We offer multiple terms and levels of coverage, including available coverage for any size aftermarket wheel.

Combination Benefits By Insured Services

Combination Benefits

Insured Services offers a combination of 5 of our products; Tire & Wheel, Roadside Assistance, Paintless Dent Repair, Key Replacement and Windshield Repair/Replacement.

Vehicle Theft Registration (VTR) By Insured Services

Vehicle Theft Registration (VTR)

We offer a series of etching and marking auto theft deterrent programs for your customers. These products can easily be installed at your dealership on any new, used, or leased vehicle.

RV, Marine and Powersport By Insured Services

RV, Marine and Powersport

Insured Services offers premiere services for RV, Marine and Powersport vehicles. Service Contracts, Tire & Wheel, Theft Protection, Roadside Assistance and Limited Warranty.

Complete Reinsurance Offerings By Insured Services

Complete Reinsurance Offerings

Dealer owned reinsurance company. Retain 100% of underwriting profits and 100% of investment income.

R.E.D. Alert By Insured Services

R.E.D. Alert

Pulses the third brake light, alerting following drivers that your vehicle is stopping or slowing down.

Insure Express By Insured Services

Insure Express

In Dealership Auto Insurance available 24/7 online.

Insure Express By Insured Services

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